WCSWCD can assist you in planning for effective management your woodlot or forest area. Please contact us if you would like to have us visit your land and discuss your goals for forest management and production or assess your forest conditions. See our Conservation Assistance page for more information. Below are some of our suggested resources for planning for forest management.

Online Resources

Maine Forest Service has a wealth of online guides to many aspects of forest management. They also provide the services of a District Forester (Morten Moesswilde for Waldo County) to help you plan for any aspect of forest management, from timber production and harvest to multiple use management. The Maine Forest Service also issues many regular bulletins on events, forest insect disease and conditions and other topics. They have experts who can assist you with disease and pest problems affecting your trees.

USDA Forest Service. Many resources are available via the USDA Forest Service website.

University of Maine Cooperative Extension The state university system provides many resources through its local offices.

Maine Woodland Owners (formerly Small Woodland Owners of Maine) This state organization has many resources for forest owners in Maine.

Maine Tree Farm Program A national certification program of the American Forest Foundation. The program provides information and education to woodland owners and recognizes member forests as “Certified Tree Farms.”

Trust to Conserve Northeast Forestland Provides information on logging practices and contractors, as well as administering the Northeast Master Logger Certification Program.

Maine Tree Foundation A non-profit organization offering a variety of forest education materials and activities including Project Learning Tree.

Woodland Steward Online Training Course

USDA National Agroforestry Center Many resources for woodland owners seeking to increase economic value with forest products. Free periodicals and guides available.

Maine Audubon offers many relevant guides to managing land for habitat.

Cornell University ForestConnect Many useful discussions on forests, trees and forestry. Includes a fantastic YouTube channel with instructive videos on forestry.

Northern WoodlandsCenter for Woodland Education An educational organization that produces the excellent quarterly magazine Northern Woodlands.

Recommended Books and Publications

Working with your Woods: A Landowners Guide, by Mollie Beattie, Charles Thomson, and Lynne Levine. University Press of New England. This classic instructional text will give you a thorough understanding of forestry and harvest practices for your land.

Positive Impact Forestry A Sustainable Approach To Managing Woodlands by Thomas J. McEvoy. Island Press. This book is called a “must have” guide for small private woodland owners.

Forest Trees of Maine This excellent photographic guide to Maine trees will help you identify the trees on your land. Available from the Maine Forest Service in print form, or online here.

Small Woodland Owner’s Handbook (A Guide to Owning and Managing Woodland in Maine) by Maine Woodland Owners (formerly Small Woodland Owners of Maine)

Managing for Wildlife

Focus Species Forestry  This excellent guide gives simple, step by step guidelines to managing your woodland with wildlife in mind. Contact us for a .pdf file of this book.

Biodiversity in the Forests of Maine: Guidelines for Land Management by the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, Available online here. This simple, very useful guide provides instructions on all aspects of managing a forest to steward its natural biodiversity and ecosystem health.

Forestry for Maine Birds Learn about forestry practices that are helpful to birds in this short, easy to use guide available here.