City Park Arboretum

The Belfast City Park Arboretum is located in City Park on Northport Avenue. This large, beautiful park was originally planted to be a park in the tradition of New York’s Central Park, with winding lanes, forest groves and beautiful landscape views. For over one hundred years, trees of many species have been planted to create an arboretum, which continues today. You can see many trees native to Maine as well as exotic trees from near and far. With the signs, map and guide, it is possible to learn about all of these tree species: what they look like, and interesting facts about each. Many native trees are planted in beautiful small groves here, including white pines, northern white cedars, basswood, yellow birch and red pines. A gravel path winds through the groves of trees.

The community of Belfast is in the process of completing the long held dream of an arboretum here, and the community is currently adding many signs and labels, as well as new species of trees. Waldo County SWCD is partnering with the City of Belfast to create the arboretum and its educational programs. You can be a part of this effort in many ways, from advising the project to planting trees. Contact us if you’d like to get involved. Donations to help can be made to the City of Belfast Parks and Recreation Department, or to us at the link above, earmarked for the City Park Arboretum. Trees may also be planted to memorialize or honor someone.

Map and Guide to the Trees

A revised map and key to the trees in City Park now available! You can download it here: 2020 Arboretum Map and Key.

Many but not all of these numbers match up with the map in the 2015 edition of the Map and Guide, which can be found at the welcome plaza. Here is the current List of Trees in the Park.

Maine has a great picture guide to common city trees, many of which are found in the arboretum. Download it here.


Activities to Do in the Arboretum

City Park Activities 1  This includes a scavenger hunt: one for grades 1-6 and one for grades 6- Adult. More pages will be added to this guide soon, including a quiz and journaling and art activities. Submit your answers to us on this website for a free tree seedling (seedlings provided each spring).