Supervisors and Staff

Board of Supervisors

Andrew Reed, Chair
Andy Reed has been a district supervisor for many years due to his interest in forestry, wildlife and people who also want to improve their properties. It is his goal that we improve our environment. He lives in Unity with his wife Gayle.




Sue Hunter, Supervisor
Sue is the owner and operator of Hunter Green farm in Unity. Her farm is a demonstration/testing farm for hemp growing and hemp value-added products. She plans to pass down her farm to her son, daughter and grandson, and that is why being a good steward to her land, maintaining an economically viable farm and caring for the environment is so important to her.


Harold Larrabee, Treasurer
Harold Larrabee from Knox owns and operates Aghaloma Farms, a 3rd generation family dairy farm, managing 900 head of Holstein cattle. Harold’s passion for the dairy industry, dedication and commitment to his family and friends, and his faith in God are his legacy.


Donald Cox, Supervisor

Don Cox has served Waldo County SWCD as a supervisor or associate supervisor from 2012 to present. He is a member of St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church, Belfast. Don also spends time tutoring math at middle school and instructing in fundamentals of electricity and electronics at local high school in Belfast, and brings his passion for education to his role as a Supervisor. Previously, he served 35 years as SWCD supervisor in North Carolina and chaired numerous SWCD State Association committees. Don retired in 2004 after 45 years as an Electronics Engineer and Project Manager.


Gene Randall, Supervisor
In 2015, after a career in accounting and finance management and an active involvement in local government, Gene and his wife Marianne McKinney-Randall, moved from Winter Park, Florida, to Belfast. He has become involved with various local activities and is a board member with the Belfast Bay Watershed Coalition. Being part of the Waldo County Soil and Water Conservation Board is a great opportunity to learn more about the history of Maine agriculture and how to apply best practices to the issues of conservation and preserving the environment.


Kym Sanderson, Associate Supervisor
Kym has been part of the district for over 20 years, working as our Administrative Director before retiring in 2018. She is a life time resident of Waldo County and has witnessed many changes in the usage and treatment of mid-coast Maine’s natural resources. Kym notes, “I feel most of those changes have been for the good,” pointing out that there are many groups, organizations and individuals who hold the same commitment to conservation that the District does. “That’s a good thing…there’s still a lot of work to be done and the more folks working towards that goal, the better!”

Brian Baker, Associate Supervisor

Brian has been a District Supervisor, and is now assisting us as an expert consulting on growing fruit bearing plants, and also in selecting varieties for our annual plant sale.



Aleta McKeage, M.S., Technical Director
Aleta is a conservation biologist who has completed projects for local, state and federal agencies as well as for midcoast Maine landowners and non-profits. She specializes in working to restore health and functionality to landscapes while building community. Aleta has special expertise in native plants and controlling invasives as well as in developing land management plans. She enjoys teaching about nature and mentoring the next generation of conservationists.



Tom Mullin, Administrative Director

Tom Mullin comes to the District having worked in Waldo County for over two decades as an Associate Professor of Parks and Forest Resources at Unity College. His professional work experience includes work within the New England land trust community, municipal park agencies, and statewide environmental education programs. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in Horticulture, and has a Master’s degree from George Mason University in Business Administration, Public Administration and Education.