Resources for Invasive Species

The Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, Horticulture Department has much more information on invasive plants. The site includes recommendation for plants to replace invasive plants. Maine’s new rules regarding the sale of invasive plants are available on this website.

Invasive Plants in Maine – Maine Natural Areas Program Invasive and potentially invasive plants list for Maine, with fact sheets for each. – A great starting place, with numerous images of each plant, and concise, thorough facts on different species. Many links to other resources for each species.

Invasipedia – Excellent literature summary articles on most invasive plants, more in-depth than fact sheets.

USDA Forest Service FEIS Database – This site provides an in-depth profile of each invasive species, with citations to assist further research.

Imap Invasives – Maine Natural Areas Program IMap Invasives is an invasives tracking program now available in Maine, with many tools and data resources to help communities and land owners and managers plan for invasives control.

Vermont Invasives Resources – Vermont has a well developed invasives program which includes several excellent guides, available here.

Center for Invasive Species Management An excellent resource for learning about all types of invasives and their management. Under the link Outreach and Education/Adults are online “textbooks” and courses, as well as webinars. There are also materials for K-12 education.

PlayCleanGo A great resource site for educating land users how to not spread invasives. Many free poster and sign downloads, other good links for learning about invasives and invasives management.

Vital Signs Program  Excellent resource for teaching about biodiversity and invasive species centered on the Maine coast, with ready-to-use data collection and analysis lessons and tools for all ages.

Other Invasive Species: Aquatics and Insects

For aquatic invasive plants- Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program – Many opportunities to volunteer, and they offer some excellent training workshops and materials on aquatic invasives.

For invasive insect pests, see the Maine Forest Service site which includes basic information on invasive insects as well as other links to information about these pests.