Report on Tree Conditions

Become a citizen scientist, and help with our research on trees in Maine.

Use our new online tool to tell us about how your trees are doing. We are assessing trees in Maine that may or are experiencing changes due to disease, invasive insects or other environmental stressors such as climate change. The project will also help us look at tree species that may be suitable for assisted migration or adaptive planting as the climate changes or trees are lost to invasive insects. Ultimately, this project will provide valuable data that may help scientists plan projects to restore forests in Maine.
To report on trees you have planted or are growing near you, please fill out our form here (simple registration on the site, then join our project “Report a Tree,” also on the Anecdata phone app):

If you are interested in planting any of the trees listed to assist us with this study, let us know. We’d like to have people report on seedlings and saplings they are growing as a part of this research. We will be able to order some of these trees for you to purchase at our plant sale in the spring.

Some Trees to Report On:

  • Ash trees  (for signs of emerald ash borer)
  • Hemlock trees  (for signs of hemlock woolly adelgid)
  • Beech trees  (for clear beech that don’t appear to have beech bark disease)
  • American chestnut  (for larger trees that appear to be free of disease)
  • American elm  (for larger trees that appear to be free of disease)

Also for forest adaptation research, please tell us how any of these trees are doing if growing in your area:

  • Tulip poplar
  • White oak
  • Chestnut oak
  • Sweetgum
  • Black walnut
  • Shagbark hickory
  • Black gum (Tupelo)
  • Pawpaw

You can return to the Report a Tree tab at the top of our home page to report on trees in the future.