New video series showcases Forestry for Maine Birds program

Maine Audubon, the Forest Stewards Guild, Maine Forest Service, and Maine Tree Farm have created a series of videos filmed in the woods that walk you through some interesting topics including an introduction to Forestry for Maine Birds and why Maine is so important for birds; an introduction to the habitat features birds need; a conversation with a Maine Forest Service forester and private consulting forester; and links to more resources and funding opportunities to help you manage your woodland “with birds in mind.”

Click here to watch the video series.

Watch Our Presentation on Planting for a Changing World

Our Technical Director Aleta McKeage gives a fascinating and far reaching talk on climate change, loss of biodiversity and the hopeful actions that all growers, planters and gardeners can engage in to help living systems survive and thrive in the future. Click here to watch the presentation.

Watch our Annual Gathering and Drone Presentation

A family visits the Wales Park Community Garden, one of the projects the District was instrumental in bringing to fruition this year.

We held our 2020 Annual Gathering on December 4th, which included Dr. Jim Killarney’s excellent presentation on using drones to assess water quality on Lake Winnecook (Unity Pond), slides and an update on our work this year, a meet and greet with Ron Desrosiers of the Waldo NRCS office and our new staff member Tom Mullin, as well as our Conservationist of the Year award.

Click here to view the event.

Don’t miss our Dec. 4th presentation: Water Quality, Lake Sedimentation and Drones: New Technology for Old Challenges

Dr. James Killarney will share his insights and expertise on how water quality monitoring and research have incorporated new technologies to expand our knowledge of the health of Maine’s lakes and ponds. Along with his colleagues in the Center for Wildlife Studies and with the support of foundations and NASA grants, he has incorporated the use of drones into the research methods for assessing the water quality and lake sedimentation of Lake Winnecook in Unity. Maine. He will share the successes, challenges and stories of how this and other new technologies are being added to the scientist’s tool bag.

This presentation will be offered at our Annual Gathering Friday, December 4th at 3pm. The event will be held virtually. We hope you will join us for this fascinating presentation and our annual gathering!

Register here (this event is free).

Waldo County Soil and Water Conservation District Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Planning Consultant Services for Impaired Lake Watershed Plan Development

(PLEASE NOTE: THE APPLICATION PERIOD FOR SUBMITTING PROPOSALS UNDER THIS RFQ HAS ENDED) The Waldo County Soil and Water Conservation District (District) is requesting Statements of Qualifications from interested and qualified Consultants for Professional Planning Consultant Services in order to assist in the development of an update to the Unity Pond (Lake Winnecook) Watershed-Based Management Plan.  The purpose of the Unity Pond (Lake Winnecook) Watershed-Based Management Plan Project is to create a comprehensive plan for Unity Pond (Lake Winnecook) with well-developed implementation strategies that effectively improve the water quality of the lake over the next 10 years.

The purpose of this project is to develop an updated watershed-based management plan (WBMP) for Unity Pond that includes EPA’s nine minimum planning elements. The project will collect information about lake water quality and watershed hydrology, inventory NPS problems, evaluate septic systems, assess the external and internal phosphorus load, and bring together a diverse group of watershed stakeholders to develop locally-supported water quality targets and watershed goals, objectives and action strategies for restoring the pond. The project will integrate project findings into an updated WBMP which will be used to guide watershed restoration efforts over the next 10-year planning period (2022-2032).

For Full RFQ click here.