Conservation Assistance Program

WCSWCD is now offering conservation assistance to all landowners, municipalities or organizations in Waldo County. Our services range from a basic “Walk and Talk” where we will visit your property and assist you with understanding the condition of your property, to further assistance with land management including written recommendations, referrals, land management plans, trainings, and basic mapping. The initial visit is free of charge. We visit properties as small as an urban yard or as large as hundreds of acres that support extensive forest, croplands, or mixed landscapes. Our Conservation Assistance Program (CAP) offers these services for a modest fee. For schools, eligible non-profit or community benefit projects, services are available free of charge.

Services Offered

Conservation Property Assessments

We can offer a basic assessment of your property during a Walk and Talk, during which we will visit your property with you, provide an overview of the condition of your lands, including natural features and assets, production areas, as well as potential issues and solutions. We will provide recommendations based on your goals for the property, including referrals to agencies offering services and programs related to your management goals.

As a follow up, you can request a written summary including detailed recommendations, or a full management plan. These services are provided on fee basis.

We can also tailor your property assessment to the following Focus Areas:

  • Invasive Plant Management Our biologist will help you understand your invasive plant problems and provide specific instructions for controlling the invasives to improve the health and functionality of your land. Our services also can include full management plans at any scale, staff or volunteer training, and mapping of invasives.
  • Conservation (Eco) Landscaping and Land Management We can help you develop a plan to create a landscape that offers beauty as well as a healthy ecosystem including wildlife and bird habitat, pollinator support and natural control of pests and weeds. An eco-landscape also addresses challenges with erosion or water management. This service can be scaled up for larger parcels such as easement or conservation lands, and can include full management plans. Native plant planting plans are also available. WCSWCD offers a certification program for Eco Landscaping and Conservation Land Management.
  • Multiple Use and Production For production lands, we will assist you in managing lands to enhance complimentary uses such as recreation, wildlife habitat or ecological health while reaching your goals for production. Water and soil management recommendations will be provided as well. Under this service we can help you begin the process of creating a forestry plan for woodlots, a grazing plan, or a crop production plan. We will provide you with information or referrals to any relevant state or federal programs or services that might assist you.
  • Certification Owners who have implemented conservation practices on their property are eligible to receive the Waldo County Soil and Water Conservation District Conservation Lands Certificate, or for residential properties, the Eco Landscape Certificate. See the section on Certification for more information.

Soil Testing

WCSW staff will extract soil for testing to your specifications. Sample(s) will be sent to the University of Maine lab. Results will be sent directly to the landowner. We can also review the soil test results with you and make recommendation. These services are provided for a moderate fee.

Wetland and Waterway Management, Stream Crossings

Our district can assist you in assessing wetland and stream conditions on your property, and provide a starting point for planning any wetlands management. We can assist you with understanding and following related regulations and permitting.

District staff can also assist you with planning, replacement and/or maintenance of culvert or open bottom installations of stream crossings. Includes site visit, written recommendations and engineered drawings as necessary. This service is provided on fee basis and will include engineer’s fees.

Erosion Control

District staff will provide landowners, private road associations, and municipal officials with options for addressing problems that impact water including construction and land use activities. This service is fee based and includes written recommendations.

Download Conservation Assistance Program Flyer: WCSW Conservation Assistance Overview