Canopy Grant Awarded to Waldo SWCD

Waldo SWCD is pleased  to announce that we have been awarded $8900 by Project Canopy for our education project, the Belfast City Park Arboretum, receiving the full amount requested. The project is a collaboration of the City of Belfast Parks and Recreation Department and the District. The award will fund the installation of 14 new trees in the arboretum, new interpretive signs, tree markers for 30 more trees, as well as an educational map and guide. We are excited to work with Project Canopy on this project, which will allow us to complete many of our planned resources at the park.

City Park Arboretum in Belfast is one of the only arboretums in the Midcoast area. For decades, local residents worked to create an arboretum in the park, adding many species of trees and making plans. In 2015, we began working with Friends of Belfast Parks, the City, the Belfast Bay Watershed Coalition, Habitat Belfast and the District to make the long held dream a reality. With this grant, we will complete most of our goals, and the arboretum will be an amazing learning resource to teach Waldo County residents and visitors about trees and forests. Work is already underway, with 6 new trees planted in June (see photos). The new plantings will include climate appropriate adaptive species, urban trees, and new native Maine trees. Trees lost to age and storms will be replaced. Our map will include guided walks, tree information, and activities for children, and printed copies will be available in the park.

We are grateful to be recipients of this grant from the Maine Forest Service and the USDA Forest Service. We’d also like to thank the City of Belfast, the Belfast Parks Commission, the Menig Trust, the McKeage Family Fund and Friends of Belfast Parks for making this vision a reality. Stop by the park and see our new trees and signs this summer, or join us for a tour this fall. If you would like to help out at the arboretum, please contact us anytime.