Some Reading to Do at Home on Climate Change and Woodlands

The University of Maine has a program called the Forest Climate Change Initiative, with an informative email newsletter and website to help the public become informed about the latest developments in climate change research and resources as they relate to Maine forests. The summary publications are a great way to be informed without wading through a lot of literature. One new publication to check out is the  Maine’s Climate Future Update 2020. There are other resources as well, including Keeping Your Woods Healthy Through the Years Ahead: Maine Woodland Owner Handout, which includes a list of organizations with resources for woodland owners.

Another excellent online source for learning about forests and climate adaptation is the Climate Change Response Framework, with many practical learning and planning resources for landowners, including an online workbook that generates adaptive forest management plans.

Waldo County SWCD is available to help you plan for woodlands stewardship and management in these changing times. Contact us for a site visit or for other needs or questions.