Fish Lead Free! Free Tackle Exchanges Offered in 2020

Lead commonly found in fishing tackle is highly toxic, and hazardous to humans, wildlife and the environment. Wildlife species are affected by ingesting lead fishing tackle, particularly the common loon. Loon bodies and behavior make them susceptible to lead poisoning.

Fortunately, non-toxic alternatives to lead tackle are available and are often superior in performance to lead tackle. You can help by changing to lead free fishing tackle today!  At our Tackle Exchanges, you can swap your lead tackle for new non-toxic tackle for free!  The tackle exchanges will be held next spring through fall at various Waldo County lakes, usually at the boat launch. Watch our website for next year’s Fish Lead Free Tackle Exchanges. Free fishing kits for children will be available first come, first served.

The program  isn’t necessarily a one-for-one exchange, but there will be a great variety of  non-toxic tackle to try, and no one will go home empty-handed!  What better time than right now to clean out your tackle box, making  fishing safer for you, your children, and Maine’s wildlife?  Contact our District office to  learn more about the program.