Watch for the Browntail Moth…a Health Hazard

The browntail moth’s winter webs are small and tight and are often found in groups at the ends of tree branches.

Browntail moth has been spreading in Maine, and is now found in Waldo County. Right now is a good time to see the moth’s winter webs in trees. This moth can pose a serious health hazard to humans, as it sheds toxic hairs that can produce severe rashes and breathing problems. The Maine Forest Service is asking for people to alert them if they have seen evidence of browntail moth. Early spring is also a good time to clip off and destroy the webs, one of the ways we can control its spread. For more information, stop by the Waldo County Soil and Water District office. We have information sheets that will show you what to look for as well as provide more information on this noxious, invasive species.

This short video clip provides a brief overview:

More information: