Resources for Delayed Mowing Hayfield Management

For farmers interested in preserving wildlife habitat in their mowed fields, Ag Allies offers many resources. For more information, visit this link: Delayed Mowing Program and incentive for active farm fields: We work with interested farmers and landowners to provide safe habitat for grassland bird nesting. This process involves on-farm assessments to identify fields in use by bobolinks and other grassland birds. Every situation is different, so we work with farmers and landowners to assess their grassland management and find the best options to make some room for the birds. Strategies include more intensive management of the most productive fields while delaying cuts on other fields or the establishment of un-mowed blocks within key nesting fields.
In addition, the program provides some incentive funds to encourage program participation and reduce the initial cost of management changes. If applicable, we will also direct farmers to the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP), Grassland bird management practice; which is another option that provides an incentive payment for delayed mowing on fields for the 65 day period needed for bobolinks and other grassland birds to raise young.